For Parents/ Students,

I want to find a qualified tutor, how can it be done?

You can call us at 98248019, or you may fill up the contact form. Simply tell us your needs and requirements, and we will source and locate a suitable home tutor for you.

 I have certain requirements, can you fulfil it?
Yes, we understand that every kid learns differently, that’s why we always check with the parents about their needs. We’ll try our very best to find a person who most fitted your requirements.

 What are the tuition rates?
You may make reference to our tuition rate section. You should be aware that certain private tutors may demand a much higher or lower rate – The exact fees can differ according to specific tuition job due to many factors just like the qualification of the tutors, tutors’ teaching experiences, area of tuition, number of subjects, and various others.

 Do I need to pay any agency fee?
We provide free service to our parents, because we will charge a 50% commission from the home tutors. There are no upfront fee and hidden costs on your side.

 How to pay the tuition fees?
As a parent/ student, you’ll pay the 50% tuition fees to our tuition agency after the 1st 2 weeks. After that, you’ll pay the fees directly to the private tutor. You can use online or ATM machine to transfer the fee to us. Of course, you may also choose to send us a cheque. Or otherwise, we can send a despatch to collect the fees from you.

 What if I need the tutor to buy some assessment books?
Parents have to pay for the assessment books, with the exception of cases whereby the tutor agrees to pay for the books.

 What if there is a dispute between me and the tutor?
It is advisable to call us immediately. We’ll look into the matter and replace another tutor for you.

 After a few weeks, can I still change the tutor?
Certainly. At times, it might be difficult for some kids to work along well with a particular tutor, Simply give us a call and tell us about the situation, and we will arrange a more suitable home tutor to fit your requirements.


Hotline: 98248019

For Tutor

How can i register to become a tutor?

To register with us, you are required to fill up the Become a Tutor Form on our website. If you have any enquiries, do email or contact us directly.

Do I have to pay to register as a tutor?

No, registration is free of charge. You will only be charged commission upon confirmation of an assignment.

How much is the commission payment?

The commission payment will be 50% of the first month tuition fees (usually the first 4 weeks of lessons). In the event of any postponement or delay for the first month, we will still collect 50% of the tuition fees as commission.

How are the commission payment made?

The commission payment will be 50% on the first 4 weeks of lessons.

An illustration:

Example A: You start teaching, for once a week. We will collect the commission payments from the client after the second lesson.

Example B: You start teaching, for twice a week. We will collect the commission payments from the client after the fourth lesson.

How do i apply for tuition assignments?

Our friendly coordinators will contact you whenever there are any suitable assignments for you. We will also post certain tuition assignments on our Facebook page, so do follow us for updates.

What is the minimum commitment period i have to comply with?

Tutor are obliged to commit to conduct at least 4 weeks of lessons. Although tutors are not legally bound to the commitment period, we expect tutors to uphold integrity and responsibility in complying to the agreed upon commitments.

What happens if i have to terminate the tuition assignment within the first month?

If the tuition assignment is terminated before the first month commitment period, the commission payment of 50% will still be charged on the number of lessons completed.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Yes, all tutor personal information are strictly kept confidential. You are also given the option to change the privacy of your profile on our website.

How can i increase my chances of getting an assignment?

To increase your chances of getting an assignment, ensure your profile on our website is complete with relevant information about you. Please upload your certificates and write up a good teaching experience or information about yourself.


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